What we do

Our purpose is to help you bring about lasting change in how you think and act, so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals in a way that reflects your personal values and vision.

Our services

Our core services are:

1. Leadership Development

In today’s interdependent, interconnected world, the ability to influence others is the key to success. Our coaching will help you learn to lead yourself and lead others, including those for whom you are not directly responsible. We help individual leaders and leadership teams develop the behavioural and communication skills they need to operate successfully in matrix-led organisations and cross-functional environments.

2. Coaching Supervision

With coaching increasingly embedded into high performing organisations, employers have a duty of care to their internal coaches. Our coaching supervision provides objective, personal support for your coaches, and ensures that your internal coaching operation meets ethical standards and contracted service levels.

3. Profiling & Assessment

Our leadership profiling and assessment is designed to identify the leadership potential and development requirements essential for a high performance workforce. Our profiling and assessment solutions target all phases of employment from selection and recruitment to training, coaching and performance management. We use a range of traditional tools plus our own methodology to produce reliable data that enables:

  • Employers to appoint the right people to the right job
  • Managers to lead, coach and motivate others effectively
  • Employees to achieve greater productivity, profitability and job satisfaction

4. Mentoring

Coaching can help young people acquire self-knowledge, identify personal or career goals and develop important communication and behavioural skills which will help them throughout their working lives. Having seen how quickly coaching can build confidence, improve self-esteem and conquer teenage stress, we are enthusiastic mentors for young people.

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